Use gentle machine wash with a maximum temperature of 30 Degrees Celsius.
Hand wash with cold water, rinse and dry well before hanging.
Use a garment steamer to steam garments made of linen material to reverse the shrinkage process which may occur after washing.
Sort your laundry into groups with similar colours: whites, dark colours and light colours.
Always rinse your new item in cold water before wearing to avoid colour run.
Avoid wearing denims/suede items with light coloured items/accessories especially for the first few wears to prevent any colour transfer.
If you are unsure of the maximum temperature of the garment, always be safe and wash with cold water.
Turn your garment inside out before washing.
Ensure your garment is zipped up and/or buttoned up before washing to prevent damage.
Always iron on low heat.
Use a garment steamer on garments with pleats.

Do not soak.
Do not use too much detergent and softener.
Do not use bleach.
Do not iron prints and embellishments.
Do not leave garments with whites and coloured panels soaking for long periods.
Do not iron pleated garments with a conventional iron.
Do not put any garment in dryer, as the high temperature from the dryer may cause shrinkage and damage items with pleats.
Do not drip dry.

When exposed to air for prolonged periods, jewellery products might tarnish.
Avoid contact of perfume on jewellery.