Special Feature: Moon Toh and Her Bride Tribe

20-Dec-2018 Events 

A few months ago, we held a giveaway on Instagram in conjunction with the launch of our bridesmaid collection, Transient Hues. One lucky bride-to-be got to walk away with a set of bridesmaid dresses and a high-tea session with her bridal party at The Clifford Pier Singapore. From the fitting session at our office to a mini photoshoot at The Clifford Pier, we got to know more about our winner, Moon Toh and her girlfriends Read on to find out more about our ravishing bride-to-be and her thoughts about wedding planning.

Thank you for taking part in our giveaway contest, Moon! Share with us your thoughts about our new bridesmaid collection, Transient Hues. Which bridesmaid design(s) caught your eye and why?

Solange Wrap Maxi Dress and Yuri Crochet Maxi Dress. They look very comfy and flowy. Love the colour choices too! 

You eventually chose Yuri Crochet Maxi Dress in Pink for your girlfriends. What are the things you look out for when choosing the perfect dress for your bridesmaids?

Comfort is the ultimate factor. It has to be comfortable for my bridesmaids when they wear it as they are going to be in it for the whole morning. The love for the dress style. It must also be something which they like as I would really love to see them re-wearing it even after my wedding. Majority votes win! All of my girls voted for Yuri dress and they say they can move around with ease and not so prone to exposing themselves at the boobs area.

You have also picked Gabbie Pleated Wrap Dress in Duotone Blue for yourself. Tell us more on how you feel about this dress.

The 2-tone colours make the dress very special and the material is very comfortable! What I like most about this dress is that it is very flowy.

Describe the style/theme of your wedding.

We have pink as one of our colour themes!

Lastly, any tips or advice for other brides-to-be?

Plan early! I have heard about this advice for a long time but time flies so quickly when I have to juggle between work and taking up a course in the midst of wedding planning. Rope in your friends and family to help early if possible. Especially those who have been through the process; they will be able to provide valuable advice.

Try not to be influenced too much by others' opinions. Honestly speaking, I am an indecisive BTB and I take in feedback from all directions. Sometimes I feel that I wasted too much time and energy to make a decision and it's just those nitty gritty things like the type of photo frame to use for our wedding display. Ultimately in the end, I have to make a decision with my fiance as a lot of friends told me it's my choice how I want my wedding style to be.

Lastly, always be calm and not quarrel even if your fiance doesn't see eye to eye for certain things.Through this planning process, I have learnt to let my fiance take charge since he is better at planning. He was the one who started doing the guest list on his side and pushed me to do it; he liaised with the vendors and thereafter get my input to make decisions. When we can't agree on certain things, we will try to talk it out and come to a common decision. I came to realise that it's really not worth it to quarrel over things which are involved for a one day event... or else how do we spend a lifetime together?

Thank you, Moon for letting us to be part of your special day and sharing your thoughts with us!
We wish you a lifetime of love and joy!