17-Oct-2019 Lifestyle 

In a bid to foster workplace inclusion and diversity, Love & Bravery has been partnering with APSN Delta Senior School since 2017. Through its Work Experience Programme, we hope to help create more career opportunities for persons with special needs.


We share the journey of one of our retail staff Ryner Lau, who is part of APSN's Work Experience Programme. Read on to find out more about her work at Love & Bravery.


In 2018, Ryner graduated from APSN Delta Senior School with a WSQ Certificate in Retail Operations. With the vocational training and skills she was equipped with, Ryner embarked on her work experience in 2017. She began with an internship with Love & Bravery, and is currently part of the retail team serving our customers at the store.

The transition from school to work was not a smooth journey for Ryner. Faced with many challenges adapting to her working environment, she had to learn new hard skills and refine her soft skills. Her reserved personality also made it difficult for her to communicate and deal with customers’ queries. Through progressive exposure, practice and determination, she eventually overcame these challenges.


A typical work day for Ryner entails ironing and display of apparels, in-store inventory management and handling of online orders for self-collection. She also gets to put her communication skills into practice by providing customers product recommendations at the retail stores.


Here's a short Q&A session with Ryner!


1.     What are your interests and/or hobbies?

I enjoy experimenting with make-up and exercising!

(Fun Fact: Ryner was part of the Singapore speed skating team, and won gold and bronze medals at Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017!)

2.     Describe your typical day at work.

Greeting and serving of customers at the retail stores, arrangement of clothes on display racks and store housekeeping.


3.     Any difficulties you have faced at work?

When I'm not able to handle a customer's complaint at the store.

I would first find out more about the customer's concern and try my best to resolve her concern/issue. If I'm not able to do so, I would ask my colleague(s) for help.

4.     What do you like about your job?

Whenever customers tell me that they appreciate my good service!

I enjoy working with my colleagues and I also learnt a lot from this job, including learning how to be more independent.

We hope this post gives you a better understanding about Ryner and APSN! With the continuous support from her co-workers, school and her family, Ryner is now an independent individual.

Everyone plays a crucial role in building a better working environment, through fostering understanding and inclusion of persons with special needs. We believe we can all do our part by providing more support, care and empathy in this fast-paced society.


Special thanks to APSN for making this special feature possible!

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